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A beautiful online, monthly newsletter for trauma therapists created by the host of The Trauma Therapist | Podcast, Guy Macpherson, PhD.

"Hi Guy! Thank you for generously sharing your wisdom and being courageous to offer new trauma therapists like me a helpful tool! What you've put together is exactly what I need to understand the trauma community and counseling profession, and the many resources available to equip me to help others heal." This is the go-to, online resource for trauma therapists of all kinds."

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Workshops, Conferences, Events
Each month we’ll bring you information on upcoming conferences on the subjects of trauma, addiction, mindfulness and yoga.

New Books and Publications
Each month you’ll learn about new books and articles coming out.

Trauma Treatment Modalities
Each month we’ll highlight some of the many different trauma treatment modalities out there and help you choose which to study and pursue.

Therapist Spotlight
Each month we'll be highlighting a particular therapist, and we'll spotlight both seasoned professionals as well as newer clinicians to find out what keeps them going!

And much more!